Came I, Saw I, Jedi

  • Posted on: 18 March 2012
  • By: sherwood

The Strange and Terrible Confluence of St. Patrick's Day and St. Jean Luc Picard Day does WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. Headline news n' stuff.

Scuttlebutt around the station says that this is some sort of conspirational test run for stealing the San Diego Comic-Con, and I suppose a small part of me wanted to attend in a Spider Jerusalem, steaming-genitals-of-truth kind of way.

I live in San Diego and the drive to Anaheim is not normally a frightening one. This St. Patrick's day of 2012 was a beer of another color. Green.

What do you get when you cross a verdant irish holiday with a nerd mecca? I have never seen so many green superheroes in one place at one time. Did I just write that? Actually, it was appropriate. There were Green Lanterns, Green Hornets, Speedys and She-Hulks as far as the eye could see. I sported my Green Lantern shirt and it felt like a 'corps reunion in there! I was one of only 40,000 people to have that brilliant shirt idea!

Don't get me wrong, I saw my share of anime hotties, Han Solos (you can't see where they are) and Boba Fett's, but there was a plethora of green-hued tights the likes of which this convention veteran hath yet not seen. I even saw a couple people dressed as a phone booth (TARDIS looks like a phone booth...)

I heard it compared to "the way Comic-Con was ten years ago." Well, in this one's opinion that is a double edged (and possibly +3 Holy Avenging) sword of Damocles. I had some damn good deals. I bargained like I was at a swap meet, it was almost shameful. "$25 for the shirt? Would you take $20?" Yes. Yes he would. "$35 for the purse? I got $25 that says you want to sell it right now."

Grow up, the purse wasn't for me.

But seriously, I don't recall the sort of willingness to lower prices and deal with customers at Comic-Con. What incentive do the vendors have to deal when there are jedi lined up 30+ deep behind you slathering at the mouth to buy the same shiznit you are trying to save five republic credits on? Besides, everyone knows republic credits aren't accepted here.

Alright, so it wasn't the San Diego convention center where my anti-social butt is comfortable, but it felt like home once I was inside. As much as I wanted to find fault with it, the only real pain in the shiny, metal-ass was the weather. As far as I know that cannot be redressed in a satisfactory fashion until some of the Batman villains have their way.

Crap, I think that means I have to hand it to them, for they did do a credible job other than the somewhat shocking fact that only like 1/5th of that monstrous one-and-a-half-million square foot (1,500,000 sq/ft...yeah, that is a lot of zeroes) convention center was wondercon and the other 4/5ths were a volleyball tourny and stuff, well, I guess that is the other edge of that "Comic-Con from a decade ago" comment.

I find it noteworthy that my new iPhone's siri got me to the convention center with no problems (other than a short foray to dispose of a body in a swamp at her suggestion) and that I bought awesome bladed finger armor that is sharper than a razor. Noonch.

Thank you WonderCon for inviting me to attend and cover your wonderful event and I look forward to it next year. I will also see you in San Diego for our usual trist, you naughty minx, you.