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Forza Motorsports II and a Title Lacking a Clever Twist

  • Posted on: 7 May 2012
  • By: sherwood

This game came with my xbox 360 and it is getting a review several years after having been added to my collection. Why such a delay? The Halo franchise. Yes, I know that is more interesting, but this is a Forza piece, not a Halo one. Look, I will write that one soon, just be patient and read this one.

A Friendship Defined by Gaming . . .

  • Posted on: 25 April 2012
  • By: Corey

My best friend Kenny and I met in Jr. High School. The cast of characters at this pit stop between elementary and high school were the stuff of legend in our community. One such character was this skinny white dude I saw playing volley ball with a few chicks and saying, “yo mama” every time he scored a point. “I gotta meet this clown,” I thought to myself. After P.E. we were standing around waiting for our next class when the skinny white kid walks over. In his gym bag was a copy of the NES classic Section Z and a NES Max game controller.