The Edison Directorate

  • Posted on: 17 July 2016
  • By: sherwood

The Edison Directorate was founded shortly after Edison the Immortal returned from his Eastern European trip. Edison himself is the President and CEO of the Directorate, but most of the operations are overseen by the Board of Directors.

The Directorate operates in the shadows behind many shell corporations--mostly tech and energy companies, but branching into many fields and markets. Primarily a U.S. company, they have contacts in Eastern Europe and surrounding regions with expansion on their mind.

The Directorate's main goal is to amass power and influence to create a total monopoly on power. Through his research into the occult and sorcery Edison has blended the line between science and magic. The Directorate has been so good at hiding its true purpose that few outside of the Tesla Conservation understand the magnitude of their threat.

It should be noted that the Directorate does not pose a direct threat to the population, more to economic and political tyranny.

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All glory to Edison the Immortal. He shall shine for all eternity and envelope us in his glowing embrace. All glory to Edison.
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