The Tesla Conservation

  • Posted on: 17 July 2016
  • By: sherwood

Nikola Tesla was experimenting with a science that could predict future events. He created a series of books that held the secret to his science and created the Conservation in order to study and protect it. It soon became apparent that someone else knew of his ability to predict events and coveted this ability for personal greed and ambition. Most individuals inside the organization refer to it as the Conservation and omit the "Tesla."

Thomas Edison was an unscrupulous rival of Tesla's and began a campaign against him publicly trying to vanquish alternating current, and at the same time a shadow campaign to infiltrate the Conservation and steal the secret.

It is not strictly known how much Tesla foresaw as his predictions were written in codes that were meant to be deciphered only when needed, and indeed they are mighty to crack when the time is not right. One of Edison's goals is to break the code in advance and therefore invalidate branches of Tesla's predictions.

The Conservation is a secret organization funded in part by investments Tesla made and his considerable patents which his estate retains. The Conservation has inroads to most energy companies around the world and can operate moderate to large sized bases without showing up on the public grid, and in many cases, any grid. There are a number of private benefactors who provide financial and sundry assistance such as a network of corporate espionage and ears in patent offices and tech think tanks all over.

D20 Modern Flavor: 
<blockquote>Most people know Nikola Tesla for his work on alternating current and the electric motor. Most people have recognized that he is the father of the modern era. Most people are completely unaware that he is our protector, even in death. We do not just owe him our comforts and luxuries, but our lives, and what little freedom we possess in this world.</blockquote>