Thomas Edison

  • Posted on: 17 July 2016
  • By: sherwood

Thomas Edison the inventor was a rival of Nikola Tesla.

Thomas Edison the vampire is a rival of the Tesla Conservation.

He founded and still heads the Edison Directorate, a powerful secret organization that wields his wealth and influence behind a wall of shell corporations and businesses. Edison, a man of science, turned to the occult and magic in an ironic reversal. He became a sorcerer of no small skill and delved ever deeper into the dark world of the occult. Word is that he went on a trip to eastern europe and was gone for some time. When Edison returned, he was a changed man.

When people started to notice that he evinced strange new appetites and appeared to age not a day, those closest to him met unfortunate accidents until only his beloved was left and a cadre of faceless lieutenants. The inventor and sorcerer had severed his old personage in sacrifice to the new god that was Edison the Immortal.

Much to Edison's horror, he soon discovered that Tesla had predicted his ascension.

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