Nikola Tesla

  • Posted on: 18 July 2016
  • By: sherwood

Nikola Tesla discovered a science that allowed him to predict events in the future. He created a series of equations spread throughout 27 books that would conserve the resources of not only the planet, but the human race. Though publicly thought to have died a pauper, in fact he maintained many patents and consulted for many companies over his life. After discovering the prediction ability he used it to invest in a way that would not imbalance the economy and still fund necessary procedures in the coming years and decades--and so the Tesla Conservation was born.

Tesla's predictions uncovered a severe threat that would manifest itself in Edison the Immortal. Part of the secrecy for the Conservation is a precaution against Edison.

Before he died, Nikola Tesla set up his estate with a trust that would fund the Conservation for as long as it needed to operate. As long as agents of the Conservation succeed in their missions, the funding will effectively never cease.

Stories abound of suspicious circumstances involving his death. An explosion rocked one of his labs, vaporizing the floor he was on, as well as the ones above and below it.

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The Man out of Time could see into the future.
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