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iFretNot.com is the home of much foolishness. However, we do reserve the right to post relevant content on occasion. My name is Sherwood and here, I've got powers. Political powers.

Video games, literature, comics and films all get reviewed here. We love it all. Science fiction and fantasy work have always fascinated me and I appear to have attracted like-minded people.

iFretNot.com is a place where an idea can grow from a humble beginning in a nurturing, creative environment. Forums and blogs allow for discussing and chronicling the creative process, helping to fuel the next great epic adventure. Think of this site as a creative workshop where ideas and concepts can be tested and vetted.

Original content for tabletop gaming can be found, as well as the exploits of a number of adventurers currently rampaging through some fantasy realm of legend. Whole worlds are being built here. Literally. Check out the section on Map Making and discover just how far we go in the pursuit of geekiness.

Ultimately we are a celebration of all things geek. Halo, DnD, MTG, X-Men, Justice League and even Buffy the freakin' Vampire Slayer (ok...Firefly) are the apostles gathered at our last supper, and Mountain Dew runneth over in our mother-loving cups.

Geese and love,


The iFretNot Team
sherwood (hartwell) - writer, editor, webmaster.
eric (berg) - editor, game content author.
mike (berg) - editor, critic.
steve (parker) - writer, editor.
amanda (darosett) - photographer and photo journalist.