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Remove lid and add the snap peas to the boiling water. Instead, stick them in the freezer and cook them months later. Drain them and plunge them into an ice water bath. Once frozen, gather them up and put them into a bag.

The heat ceases enzyme activity, the ice water prevents the vegetables from over-softening.Snow peas can be picked any time after they emerge.

Cook for about 60-70 seconds. However, some stringless sugar snap varies are available.Before eating, you generally remove a tough string along the edge of the pod.Both types can be roasted with olive oil, lightly sauteed with garlic or enjoyed steamed as a side dish.Sugar snap peas are also generally available year-round, though their peak season is March through April.They’re sometimes referred to as Chinese pea pods, as they’re said to have originated from Southwest Asia.Peas come in different varieties — with snow peas and sugar snap peas being two popular options that are often confused for one another.Both are moderately sweet legumes that offer an abundance of similar nutrients.Both sugar snap and snow peas are good sources of vitamin K.Both have an identical nutritional profile and very similar flavors. Technically speaking, these foods are definitely legumes, meaning they belong to class of vegetables from the Fabaceae family that produce long seedpods. In fact, most of the time, they’re harvested before the peas have fully developed in the pod.The pods of snow peas are flatter with small, premature peas, whereas sugar snap peas are more rounded.However, though they’re closely related, they’re still two separate varieties.Sugar snap peas have a more rounded pod compared to the flat and thick pod of the snow pea.In fact, they’re often considered the most flavorful variety of pea.Sugar snap peas — or simply snap peas — were created as a cross between the snow pea and the garden pea in the 1970s.In addition, their tender yet crispy texture and sweet flavor make great additions to various salads. Fill a large bowl full of ice water. To do this, grasp the tip of the pea with your fingers, this is the top where it connected to the vine.

To remove the string, trim or pinch the curly blossom end (opposite the stem) and pull down the inside curve, pulling out the string.

Snow peas may be sliced or left whole. Bring a large saucepan of salted water to a boil, and add snow peas and carrots. Add 1-2 cups of washed and tipped snow peas. Cook just until snow peas turn bright green, about 15 seconds, drain and plunge into cold water.

Taste test.

Drain them and plunge them into an ice water bath.

You can either cook them or eat them raw. The main difference is that the peas in snap peas are larger than those in snow peas. If done right, a string-like fiber will peel off along the center seam.Once cooled enough to handle, transfer the peas onto some paper towels to soak up the extra moisture.

If desired, you may remove the string on snow peas or sugar snap peas. As they age they develop stronger fibers, but are still great to munch on.

If done right, a string-like fiber will peel off along the center seam.

Still, sugar snap peas tend to be sweeter and more flavorful.The main difference in regard to flavor is their level of sweetness.The nutrients in snow and snap peas may offer certain health benefits.Snow peas have a flatter pod than sugar snap peas and contain very small peas. To properly clean your snow peas, start by washing them off under cold water. How to Clean Snow Peas. Both the pods and peas are edible. When they are young and small they tend to be tender and sweeter. Stabilize it with one hand and pick the pea with the other so no damage is done to the plant.Sometimes they stick together inside the freezer bag making it difficult to get them out later.

Snip ends and remove string from snow peas. Remove string from snow peas by breaking the blossom end of the bean and pull the strings down the sides. Freeze them on the cookie sheet overnight. Leave the pea pods whole. How to Plant Green Peas. At this point, you can simply throw them into freezer bags and put them in the freezer.You don’t have to blanch snow peas before freezing them, some gardeners skip this step.

Blanch easily with three quick steps: Blanching stops enzymes from breaking down the plant material which preserves color and texture. Green peas are simple to grow. Snap peas are another type of pea that some people use as a snack and in a stir-fry. But, there’s still a gray zone when it comes to edible-podded vegetables like green beans (also called string beans or snap beans) and fresh peas (including sugar snap peas and snow peas). Cover the pot and keep it at a rolling boil for 1 1/2 minutes.