I Quit WoW

  • Posted on: 12 March 2012
  • By: Corey

I stopped playing World of Warcraft (WOW) and started playing Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR). Wow was my introduction to the wild and zany world of MMORPG’s (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and some of my fondest gaming moments happened in the world of Azeroth. I’m sure Blizzard Entertainment (the games creators) could tell me the exact amount of time I’ve spent on their servers and let me tell you: I don’t want to know! Why leave then you ask? Well the answer is multifaceted. It should be noted however that my experience was just that, my experience. Millions of gamers the world over enjoy the game and have a positive experience. This is why my experience went south.

#1 PVP (Player vs. Player)

A: When WOW came out I was deep in the virtual trenches of Battlefield 2. Yes I remember it well: using my cat like reflexes to dispatch my foes. The opposition would send their best platoons after me but all they got back were bodies! Anyway, I digress. It took me a few months to realize that PVP is a component of WOW, not the focal point. In my opinion WOW PVP makes use of far too many stun CD’s (short for cool downs, abilities that require a brief respite before they can be used again.) You cannot take two steps in any direction without getting, Charged, Feared, Frozen, Incapacitated, Mind Controlled, Silenced or interfered with in some fashion. I had to accept the fact that I’m going to spend the majority of a “fight” with another player stunned in some way. Actual combat seemed to get phased out with every successive patch. No other issue angered me more than this one.

B: While I cannot vouch for your Battlegroup I can tell you that mine, which will remain nameless (hint: the initials are: Shadowburn) is full of under-geared, confused, selfish and unmotivated players that have no concept of teamwork, unity or communication. You can’t imagine how insulting it is to my sensibilities as a gamer to see the amount of absolute foolishness on display on WOW battlegrounds. Part of the problem is rooted in our cosmology as humans, particularly Westerners who place a premium on individualism, ego, accomplishment and personal accolades. Few combatants want to heal (a largely defensive position focused on support) because most people want to DPS (damage per second, an offensive role focused on neutralizing targets).WOW PVP rewards teams that show the most cohesion and brutally punishes the unorganized. And brother - let me tell you my faction, which will also remain nameless (hint: it rhymes with The Horde) gets our collective bottoms spanked the majority of the time and I hate it. Our enemy has it so easy. All they have to do is show up and watch us beat ourselves.

C: My character class got destroyed. To avoid the obligatory opening of Pandora’s Box by telling you my race/class were going to omit that from this discussion. Nothing is more disappointing than having your character “nerfed” (having their abilities modified in some way to ensure fairness and balance in the game) and the changes made to my Main (favorite and/or most accomplished character you own, considering you have more than one) were awful for PVP. I understand that with the release of the Cataclysm expansion Pack that Blizzard wanted to challenge the gamer. Most of the obstacles standing between you and success were getting far too easy to scale. I don’t think that these changes were tested very well in the PVP environment because the modifications, designed to curb imbalance ended up creating inequity. The class you chose was determining whether or not you could compete at high levels, not your own ability. I try very hard not to blame my own failure on others. As the saying goes, “a good craftsman never blames his tools.” However, the changes made to my class could not be overcome and it negatively impacted my ability to compete at higher echelons of PVP. Once again this issue was rather infuriating.

#2 PVE (Player vs. Environment)

A: I don’t PVE.


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nicely put. thanks for your contribution, Corey!

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WoW's charms are great, and have claimed many a soul. Many were my frustrations with the changes in each patch, however WoW entertained me as no other game before or since.