Bashar's Curios

  • Posted on: 18 March 2012
  • By: steve

Welcome, my friend. I'm sure I have just the thing for you.

The tangy musk of spices assaults your senses. Beyond the doorway you are greeted by the sight of several miss-mashed sets of carpeting and a bead curtain at the end of a brief hallway.

"Come in, my friend, come in. Welcome to Bashar's Curios." A swarthy hand brushes the beads aside, revealing a heavy set bearded man with bright eyes.

"You're lucky to have caught me at such a good time. Usually I'm out of my shop. Always looking for the latest trinkets, I'm sure you know how it goes."

He beckons you toward the back of his shop. Along the walls all manner of trinkets and knickknacks line shelves of all sizes. Books of varying condition sit in piles on a small counter and look half way sorted.

He glances over his shoulder briefly and fiddles with something you can not see. Suddenly a section of wall slides back revealing a stairwell down.

"Now," he says with a grin, gesturing down the new walkway. "I believe you said we had some business to discuss."


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nice entry, steve.