iFretNot is going to Anaheim in March!

  • Posted on: 14 February 2012
  • By: sherwood

Good news for people who love good news! We will be covering the madness at WonderCon and reporting every hot minute of sweaty, stale, jedi.

My lovely photographer Amanda will be with me to capture all the sights, we might even have an audio recorder for sounds, and if futurama has taught us anything it's that smells can be recorded, too. Look for the latter sometime later this century.

We are looking forward to it and extend our thanks to the organizers of the 'Con! It is always good to see the panels, hear the latest about our favorite characters and games and check out the amazing, colorful and usually home-made costumes. I almost made a Halo-style suit of armor once, but I didn't have $100 for supplies and year to make it.

WonderCon (and ComicCon) is a great opportunity to hear talented authors and artists discuss their craft and hear what works for them and what doesn't. Inestimably helpful, you just can't buy this kind of thing.

Well, I guess you can. Buy a ticket.

Anyways, since it is in Anaheim this year instead of San Francisco, I am taking advantage of its proximity to me and am trying to go all three days if possible.


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I met Danzig there. It was awesome. I have photos of it!