Ignition Dungeon Summary 10

  • Posted on: 11 November 2012
  • By: sherwood

Back in Lurais.

Captain Ganzori gives the ambassadors a lift back to Lurais from Cappeon. Upon arrival they find rampaging beasts attacking Lurais and engage them, turning a building into a trap and caging the beasty, as they expect a visit from a bigger, meaner parent beasty and want to use the offspring as bait. The beasties caused the least amount of damage possible to Lurais conserving precious resources.

The ambassadors, led by Krusher and the blacksmith upgrade the town's weapons and armaments, granting a boon to the defenders. They also create a an item they call "lightning mesh" which disperses electric current and provides some additional protection.

Wil prepares recipes for toughening the defenders, granting them resilience to injury. Sammual organizes the townsfolk to assist in various tasks. They hear various rumors including a bigger beasty mother up north, a missing caravan of supplies and the death of the Raemic High Priest.

The daddy beasty attacks, tearing up the town in a rage, looking for his offspring. The trap is sprung and the ambassadors eliminate the threat, but confirm that there is a larger mother beasty who they need to track down and kill so she does not come looking for revenge.

Heading towards the mother beasty's lair, they encounter the waylaid caravan being held by lizardfolk raiders and the ambassadors learn of an impending raid on the town of Lurais.

The ambassadors defeat the mother beasty and return to Lurais, gaining an understanding of the corruption and its effects on living beings.