Ignition Campaign

Refugees from a conquered land must make a home on a new land just in time to defend it from an old enemy.

Current level: 7
Current resource: 11

House Rules

  • When you take an Expertise type feat, you may take a skill-related feat for free
  • Inherent Bonuses

Aelar, Dax, Krusher, Sammual and Will, names that shall not be forgotten by the fair people of Edten!

Items and Upgrades
Elixir, Poison and Potion slots
Party Item slots
Ship/Vehicle modularity
Found and Quest Reward Items

Elixir of Potence
Elixir of Restoration
Elixir of Protection
High Crit Weapon
Brutal (1) Weapon
Ring of Six
Lightning Mesh

Ship-mountable Catapult

Ignition Dungeon Summary 11

  • Posted on: 11 November 2012
  • By: sherwood

The scaled ones come.

An angry, scared mob attacks Yaufidor's cabin after physical signs of corruption start showing. The ambassadors intervene, dispersing the mob and saving her while learning more about the corruption. Dax sends Guy off to Olais to make connections with ogre spirits.

The ambassadors are able to prepare defenses for the raid by creating false walls and channeling the enemy to opportune positions. They are able to utilize this tactic to defeat two waves of enemies.

Ignition Dungeon Summary 10

  • Posted on: 11 November 2012
  • By: sherwood

Back in Lurais.

Captain Ganzori gives the ambassadors a lift back to Lurais from Cappeon. Upon arrival they find rampaging beasts attacking Lurais and engage them, turning a building into a trap and caging the beasty, as they expect a visit from a bigger, meaner parent beasty and want to use the offspring as bait. The beasties caused the least amount of damage possible to Lurais conserving precious resources.