Character Creation for .45cal

  • Posted on: 26 January 2018
  • By: sherwood

The .45 Caliber campaign setting utilizes Mage: The Awakening mechanics.

Nikola Tesla discovered a way to predict key events for humanity. He wrote a "Handbook" and founded a clandestine organization called the "Tesla Conservatory." Players are part of a squad of Mages who are a part of the Conservatory. The squad has a "handler" who reads from the Handbook and assigns them missions around the world. The squad operates under the cover of an investigative journalism team. Roles that are recommended:

  • Reporter/Charisma/Infiltrator
  • Camera Operator/Optics/Sniper
  • Driver/Mechanic
  • Hacker/Investigator
  • Sneak/Thief/Saboteur

Players will be familiar with each other. The campaign starts on your squad's second significant assignment, the first being an accidental success foiling the Edison Directorate at a concert in San Bernardino. There is some concern that the Handbook did not predict your presence or influence for this Key Event.