Map Making 103

  • Posted on: 31 December 2011
  • By: sherwood

Towns have begun springing up in the region of my map known as Enchera. It is the focus of the first part of my Wickfire campaign, where the PCs start out. The goal of the campaign is to deck out "their" city, Lurais with all the goodies they could want, giving them access to items and services and influence they would not normally have. The game is definitely cumulative. There are quests they are working on that take place over the course of several dungeons, for instance.

Anyways, Enchera is relatively small. The two places I knew I wanted were Lurais, the place I just describe where the PCs are based, and the capital city of Cappeon, an affluent and fashionable swamp city. Cappeon has enough concentrated wealth that they can pretty much take care of any problems by throwing money at it. They have small standing elite forces, but employ adventurers and a few mercenary companies that call the island of Enchera home.

Next, I had an idea for a couple more "native" origin towns, meaning they will have a lower-technology feel, cheaper construction tools, etc. They are sister towns, Eu Tasitt in the mountains, and Eu Kydiss on the southern coast of Enchera. They will represent a bit more flavor allowing for more exotic interaction. These will be frequented by lizardfolk from the Scaled Isles and the Rift in the Abyssal Sea.

It's now like 4 in the damn morning, so I think this is a good place to stop.

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map making 103